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2 trips for choosing bridesmaid dresses

The process of choosing your bridesmaid dresses is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for you and your ‘maids! Try not to let all of the decision making stress you out and remember to just have fun with it! 

Choose a fabric that’s actually comfortable. Comfort is key, and fabric does matter. A lot of brides and her ‘maids aren’t necessarily familiar with different fabrics so being able to try things on to feel how they fit, flow, and breathe is super important. Participate in our At Home Try-On program and see which styles and fabrics you like ahead of time. The last thing you want is to put your girls in a style that they can’t even bust a move on the dance floor in. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses are always our top choice for comfort, since it is a lighter weight fabric you can easily move around in!

And one dress does not fit all. Keep in mind, an a-line bridesmaid dress style is universally flattering, so if you have ladies of all different shapes, this may be the best type of skirt to choose. Another great (and trendy!) option for bridesmaids of all different shapes is a mismatched look. By letting your girls select their own dress style, you can ensure that they feel confident and comfortable. Recommendation: Give them a few guidelines to follow or certain styles to pick from when going with the mix-and-match look. This way, the dresses will still coordinate with one another as well as with you instead of being all over the board. For more ideas on how to properly execute the look, check out our guide on how different necklines flatter different body types.


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